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    overall outfit

    By now we know overalls are back! First nobodey liked them, now everybody have one and now everybody love them. Overalls are just comfortable but also good to combine in many versions. Glamorous, casual…

    21. September 2015
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    green Look

    I excuse oneself for writing nothing for a long time. The last weeks it was very hard for me to push my melancholy mood aside. I was very involved in the work with refugees…

    15. September 2015
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    Future and Plans

    We´re always busy by making plans… We set oneself tragets and if we achieve it, we set another. Our future is projected and cram-full of wishes, options and conceivabilities about things which we want…

    30. August 2015
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    country way to greece

    In a few minutes we will start a lttle adventure tour! We will drive to greece, with three children and three dogs to see the father and the brothers of my man. I´m a…

    21. July 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    where humans are humans

    I’m not allowed to say what I think! I’m not allowed to say what I feel! I’m not allowed to do what I can do, and if I do it nonetheless, they pillory me!…

    5. July 2015
  • Blog Veganism

    vegan zucchini carrot burger

    Recently I decided from now on I´ll just eat vegan and so I try many delicious recipes lately. I´m pleasantly surprised that vegan way of live not means to live very limited, cause it…

    2. July 2015
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    Outfit Post vegan & fair trade

    In my last posts I cried out my opinion and but now it´s time for a new outfit post. Fortunately it gaves some fair trade stores near my city and so I haven´t to…

    28. June 2015
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    Furniture & sustainability

    Unfortunately the weather is really bad here in Germany and apart from that I have a really painful pyelitis. Thus Outfit-Shoots are not possible and so I`ll show you some of our furniture treasuries…

    24. June 2015
  • Blog Fairness shops

    Fair trade and vegan outfits

    My friends, as you know I decided to refuse the big labels in fashion that tolerate inhuman working conditions  and cruelty to animals. Because of that I’m looking for clothes that are produced fairly…

    21. June 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    I opened my eyes

    Actually I wanted to shoot an outfit and post it today in the evening but the wheather makes a spanner in the works for me. That’s not a problem cause something else is on…

    19. June 2015