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Overnight oats: healthy vegan breakfast!

20. December 2016

oats with raspberries

Everywhere you can see pictures or read recipes of Overnight Oats and it´s a big hype by now. For us it´s not really a new thing cause we prepare our muesli at the evening before since many years. But I can understand that many people are in love with oats, which are often layered in nice glasses.

It looks delicious, it´s very tasty and apart from that, it´s very practical to prepare healthy breakfast at the evening before. I think early in the morning, before working, nobody is in the mood to create beautiful layered treats.

There are countless different variants to create oats. You can experiment with different ingredients and mix them how you like it. My Children love the raspberry variant you can see on the photo. But oats with bananas and chocolate, perhaps a little bit caramel is also a good mixture.

The ingredients you need for the variant of my pictures are not much and I think most of the are normally in the house.

How much of the ingredients you need is depending on quantity you like to prepare, and also if you like more fruits than oats, or more oats then yogurt and so on and so on…

Ingredients for Oats with raspberries:

  • Raspberries
  • vegan almond yogurt
  • poppy seed
  • cane sugar
  • oats
  • cashew kernels

Now you could either mix all the ingredients together or you could layer them in a nice glass. We prefer to puree the raspberries.

What is your breakfast routine?


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  • Reply Christine 30. December 2016 at 12:18

    Ich esse gerne Müsli zum Frühstück, aber ich bin noch nie auf die Idee gekommen, es abends vorzubereiten. Das ist ein guter Tipp und schmeckt bestimmt noch besser.

    Sieht außerdem toll aus!

    LG Chris

    • Reply beccs@ruhrstyle 30. December 2016 at 12:53

      Hallo Chris,

      stimmt, wenn das Müsli über Nacht durchgezogen ist, schmeckt es noch besser. In erster Linie ist es aber wirklich praktisch, da morgens halt meist nicht viel Zeit ist.

      Liebe Grüße und komm gut ins neue Jahr

  • Reply Christine 22. December 2016 at 23:12

    Finde ich wirklich eine sehr praktische und tolle Alternative.
    Gerade, da ich morgens eh nicht wirklich in die Gänge komme und dann schon froh bin, wenn ich so wenig wie möglich leisten muss. 😉

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