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One Life

2. October 2014

We often do not see Life before nothing but Life…

It´s 22.30 in the evening and I go for a walk with my dogs…
I´m suprised, cause in the big office block the light still burns bright…

and I asked myself: Is there nobody at home who waits for you?

We all have just one Life! But how you use it?
At the Weekend a friend of mine called me. She said: I haven´t much time on one´s hand, but I like to hear how it goes for you…and if you´re be in the mood just drop by to the bar tonight. I´ll be there for about a hour…but after this I have another date.

I can´t be bloody bothered. Cause I´m really sad about the fact, she´s always there, but never really present. She has appointments for seven lifes and I think, she forgets that she isn´t a cat.

We have just one Life!

life is beautiful
A buissnessman runs along me…for him it´s essential to get the bus. It seems,he´s late cause he´s running like lightning. He doesn´t look out and bumbs into an old woman.The busdriver can not wait, he has to observe the time-table.

The man swears madly and i ask myself why he not use the idle time to hear music on his mp3 player…

That´s the way the cookie crumbles! We have to decide, if we be well grounded or if we run after life.

I think it´s better to keep calm and to enjoy every moment in live.

What´s be will be!

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  • Reply Caro 5. October 2014 at 18:15

    Achja, wenn der Bus einem vor der Nase wegfährt flucht man ja gerne herum. Dann wird weiter Musik gehört um sich zu beruhigen. Zum Glück Habe ich nun meine Arbeitsstelle nur einen 5 Minuten Fußweg von meiner Wohnung entfernt, daher bleibt mir die unnötige Hetzerei zum Bus erspart 😉 übrigens: ich liebe Karo Hemden und blusen 🙂 steht dir!

    Liebe Grüße!

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