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17. May 2015

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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” (Ghandi)

The last days I thought about this words very intensive and I obtain them at my situation…

I have an enterprise and wanted to tell my friends about it. First they didn´t pay regard to it saying not more as a: ” Ahaa!”

But as I told more and more they ridiculed my idea and sayed it would be crackpot idea, it would be unrealistic and so on… I Thought: It´s  okay, if you´re mean it but anyway I will try to implement my enterprise. I wasn´t worried about the opinion of my friends.

As I got closer to the objective I wanted to tell my friends. They should be a part of my luck. I thought they would be happy for me. I thought they would support me a little bit, like I have supported them in many situations.

Fashion Blog Germany

But they kicked in my teeth! Instead of friends I met enemys! They have noticed, my idea wasn´t not as absurdly as they thought at first. They noticed, I´m on a very good way!

So something crept into their heart and it build a big wall which is not easy to overcome. There was a barrier off three cruel characteristics: distrust, jealously and envy!

Three Characteristics which are normal and which come over us sometimes. Sometimes we feel it, cause the friend has the nicer hair, the bigger house or the better job. But I asked myself: How is it possible to resent friends anything? How could it happen that this characteristics lead to a big anger and destroy a friendship?

Have I made a mistake? Was it the wrong way to tell my friends about my luck? Would it have been better to keep my enterprise just for me?

Fashion Blog Germany

How worthy is a friendship in which you can not talk about your own joy and succes? How worthy is a friendship in which you get attacked just in cause of creating something?

Arrived at this point a friendship is nothing worth anymore I think!

Nevertheless I have won a great deal…

1. I´m verge on my objective.

2. now I know who are not my friends.

3. I can be happy cause I´m not regarding my friends with envy.

4. I noticed it makes happy to grant someone something.

Fashion Blog Germany

Unfortunatly envious persons will be there forever and if you´re succesful they will breathe down in your neck. But the 5. thing I learned is to handle them.

In the meantime I think: My enterpice couldn´t be a bad idea in other respects I wouldn´t have this enviers!


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  • Reply Rica dayag 20. May 2015 at 3:09

    Lovely photos!

    Style paragon

  • Reply sweetsimpleday 19. May 2015 at 21:39

    Love your outfit and the photos!! Those flowers look perfect for your skirt! Xoxo

    • Reply beccs@ruhrstyle 20. May 2015 at 6:49

      Thank you so much!

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