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    vegan zucchini carrot burger

    Recently I decided from now on I´ll just eat vegan and so I try many delicious recipes lately. I´m pleasantly surprised that vegan way of live not means to live very limited, cause it…

    2. July 2015
  • Blog Veganism

    mediterranean pasta salad & NATUREHOME

    Today I´ll show you my favourite summer pasta salad. Mediterranean, fresh and very delicious! My Love comes from Greece and so we often eat mediteranean dishes… The disadvantage is, we often smells garlicky.…

    16. June 2015
  • Blog Veganism

    Moussaka vegetarian

    Today I´d like to present you a typical Greek dish: Moussaka Usually it´s prepared with lamb but since we´re veggies we just took some soya. It´s really delicious.…

    2. June 2015