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    Vegan vanilla peach tart!

    Hello my dear, Christmas is over and we can imagine, we have enough of all the sweets and feast! But no! Today in the morning I got the desire of a tort tarte with…

    27. December 2016
  • Blog Veganism

    vegan almond chocolate pudding

      I can tell you, I could eat Pudding and Mousse very often and so it´s surprising I`ve never showed a recipe for pudding before. But today I made one of my favourites and…

    10. December 2016
  • Blog Veganism

    Recipe: vegan marzipan muffins

    Marzipan is one of the sweetest things I can not and don´t want without. This oriental treat is a typical Christmas- or Winter-sweet for many people, but I can eat it the whole year…

    2. December 2016
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    vegan chocolate caramel tart with peanuts

    For me peanut salted caramel combined with chocolate is a perfect mixture and it´s really hard to resist. Honestly I´m really into sweets right now, especially cakes and cookies in all variations. I´m a…

    21. November 2016
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    Recipe: vegan coconut macaroons!

    For me, Coconut macaroons are not just typical Christmas Cookies like perhaps almond biscuit. I think you can eat this delicious sweet cookies throughout the whole year or what do you think? Ok, I…

    16. November 2016
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    Leather boots and vegan living!

    At the beginning of my vegan life I´ve red a lot about that topic and collected many informations to weigh the pros and cons. Finally I couldn´t find any cons and I converted my…

    12. June 2016
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    Bread with Bananas and almonds

    Hello friends…today I´d like to show you a very tasty vegan recipe. It´s perfect for the cold and rainy days… sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, reading a book and eating some kickshaws. One…

    15. October 2015