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  • Fairness


    A few years ago my life felt like I´m living on a boat far out on the sea. The sea was wild and stormy and I saw no chance to arrive the habour. Again…

    23. February 2015
  • Fairness

    Outfit last Sunday

    Today I have no time to write a long story cause I´m appointed for brunch but sitting here in jogging pants. That´s why I just show you my Outfit from last Sunday……

    19. February 2015
  • Fairness

    against the stream

    Some of my friends often say bout me I´m a person who´s always against the mainstream… They say that would be my fad…and it bugs them.…

    12. February 2015
  • Fairness


    Sometimes I forget that I´m blind… I open my eyes and what I see is the reason why I drown in melancholy…why I don´t hear your words… why I give a shit on what…

    4. February 2015
  • Fairness

    Luxury Problems

    Do you know people who gape for hours on the menu card in the restaurant and can not make a decision? Those are also those, who can not decide if they should buy the…

    20. January 2015
  • Fairness

    still ill

    I´m still having a cold but yesterday I couldn´t stay at home… The weather was beautiful and I had the feeling, it will be rainy today.…

    8. January 2015
  • Fairness


      Oh no! It´s a sunny sunday but I have to lie on my sofa cause I´m feeling ill.…

    4. January 2015
  • Fairness

    New Year´s resolution

    Time flies and one year is over… Probably I have to write all my good resolutions down here, but the problem is, I have not any.…

    31. December 2014
  • Fairness

    Cozy Sunday

    I wanted to go to the cinema today but I remembered, actually I don´t like cinemas. The hall is often full to bursting… the seats are uncomfortable…and the Nachos tase grim.…

    21. December 2014