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    I opened my eyes

    Actually I wanted to shoot an outfit and post it today in the evening but the wheather makes a spanner in the works for me. That’s not a problem cause something else is on…

    19. June 2015
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    finally summer

    It´s finally summer and I´m feeling good! Now its time for changing tea against ice cream, soup against bowler, boots against sandals and jeans against dresses.…

    5. June 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    shooting WDR Styler

    Yesterday I had a shooting for the programme “Styler” and I´ve never thought that it would be so arduously. But also I enjoyed oneself. Though I´v  noticed, speaking in front of a running camera…

    30. May 2015
  • Blog Fairness


    It´s really funny… This true Vintage dress hung up in my closet for a very very long time. Yesterday I made a shooting with it and in the evening I´ve been reading in the…

    25. May 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    Roman Sandals

    Today I wanted to wear a cozy Outfit… Thus I´ve combined easy with easy and easy. Ready was the Look.…

    21. May 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    lovely enviers

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” (Ghandi) The last days I thought about this words very intensive and I obtain them at my situation……

    17. May 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    The other pair of flares

    Finally I succeed to write a new Outfit Post. The last time I spent my time with animal protection and we adopted our third dog from a shelter in France. This takes a lot…

    27. April 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    Costa Brava

    Hello Beauties, at the moment we´re making a holiday in France at the frontier to Spain. Yesterday we made a side trip to the Costa Brava and enjoyed the sun at the sea.…

    31. March 2015
  • Blog Fairness

    sneaker meets maxi skirt

    Last Monday I used the shafts on sunlight to wear my zara maxi skirt. Anyway we visited the very nice castle “Bensburg” and thus a skirt was a good idea.…

    25. March 2015
  • Fairness

    Outfit: Dress

    Hello Beauties… Today I were in the mood to wear a dress. During the Shooting I repented it cause I´ve got frozebitten.…

    2. March 2015