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5 types of tea with healing powers

21. November 2016

healing power tea

In autumn or winter, while the days are getting colder and darker, we like to relax on our sofa. Homemade cookies lying on the plate and we can smell the fragrance from our cup of tea.

In this time I really love to drink a lot of tea, particulary then, when I come home completely frozen from a walk with the dogs.

But tea can do much more as making us warm and today I show you 5 types of tea which have healing powers.

Tea of Rose blossoms: Roses are looking beautiful but some of them are more as just a nice eye-catcher in our flats or garden. The blossoms are lend itself good for making aromatic tea. For this you can use Rosa gallica or Rosa centifolia. In flowering time the blossoms get picked and dried.

There are many tannins in it and if you drink the tea, the proteins of mucous membrane combine with the tannins and the tissue contracts. As a result of this procedure a protective film against bacteria arise.

Furthermore this tea works relaxing and helps to alleviate a headache.


Anise tea: This tea is often popular with children, cause it tastes a little bit sweet and reminds of liquorice. The essential oils in it have an expectorant, immunostimulatory and relaxing effect and so you can you anise tea if you have problems with your airways.

The tea is also good for nursing mothers, cause it works supporting for the milk flow.

Usually you need 1 teaspoon for one cup of tea. The infusion time takes 10-15 minutes.


Lady´s mantle tea: It would appear this tea is especially for women, cause inter alia it helps with menstrual problems, leukorrhoee and menopausal symptoms. At the beginning of pregnancy the tea reinforces the uterus and after pregnancy it accelerates the regression.

But this tea is obviously not only for women. Basically it´s a panacea! This tea helps apart from the mentioned-above with obesity, thyroid disease and diabetes. To list all effects would go beyond the scope of.


Burdock root tea: We´re often annoyed by this little beasts, if they´re are bond at our clothes and it needs a lot of time to remove them, but the burdock has also good sides.

Unfortunately the preparation is equally strenuously as the removing, but it´s worth it.

You need one heaped teaspoon of Burdock root pieces per cup. The pieces will showered with cold water and after that the tea has to steep for 5 hours.

After this time heat the tea until boiling and let it steep again for just one minute.

It´s a good tea for blood purification and to favour the liver and bladderactivity.

Furthermore you can use this tea like a conditioner cause it helps if you have a problems with hair loss or dandruff.


Sage tea: This tea is not especially popular, cause it smells a bit peculiary and bitter. Just the real sage tea has healing powers! For example it can be applied like a mouthwash if you have an inflammation in the mouth and throat region or if you have any gum problems.

In the pregnancy and breastfeeding period you should not drink this tea, cause it´s actuating contractions and stunts the milk flow.


There are musch more types of tea with helaing power in it and I think it´s always a good idea to try the natural and carefully way first.





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  • Reply Katheryn 8. February 2017 at 19:12

    Anise tea is really aromatic and soothing. The smell is delicious. Great reminder about sage tea too. Thanks for the advice and for sharing!

  • Reply Susanna 24. November 2016 at 15:07

    Oh ja! Ich bin auch ein großer Tee Fan 🙂 Gerade im Winter es ist so gemütlich mit einem guten Buch und einem leckeren Tee in der Kuscheldecke eingemurmelt zu sein. Bis auf den Rosenblüten-Tee kannte ich keinen von den aufgelisteten Sorten. Klingen aber alle sehr spannend 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Reply beccs@ruhrstyle 25. November 2016 at 12:23

      Hallo Susanna,

      ja, die Tage auf dem Sofa genieße ich auch immer sehr. An diesen mag ich so gar dicke Regentropfen, die gegen die Scheibe klatschen. 🙂 Es freut mich auf jeden Fall, dass dir der Beitrag gefallen hat und du neue Teesorten entdecken konntest.

      Liebe Grüße

  • Reply L♥ebe was ist 19. November 2016 at 16:46

    das ist ein wunderbarer Beitrag meine Liebe!
    ich bin ein riesen Tee-Fan und für mich gehört der Tee am Abend zuhause zu meinem absoluten Ritual, egal ob Sommer oder Winter. vermutlich trinken aber gerade jetzt in den kälteren Monaten mehr Menschen mehr Tee.
    am liebsten Mag ich Kräutertees am Abend, die auch kein Koffein enthalten.

    finde es wunderbar, dass du die Wirkung der veschiedenen Tees hier aufgeführt hast. der Rosentee hört sich schon sehr gut an.
    mein absoluter Winter-Tee-Tipp: Kräutertee mit Orangenspalten, Ingwer und einer ausgekrazten Vanilleschote. einfach eine Hammer Kombi und sicher auch gut für das Immunsytsem 🙂

    hab noch ein tolles Wochenende meine Liebe,
    ❤ Tina

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